The Scheduling Institute

The Scheduling Institute was developed by Jay Geier when working as V . P . of Marketing for a big private practice in Georgia. Jay Geier's marketing produced plenty of phone calls to the practice, but the phone calls weren't translating into new patients. Jay Geier understood it did not really make a difference the amount of phone calls his marketing resulted in when the people answering the telephones did not know the way to convert these kinds of phone calls into brand new patients. With this awareness the idea driving the Scheduling Institute was developed. Jay Geier spent the coming years studying phone calls made to the practice and trying out a variety of methods for dealing with these telephone calls. Eventually, phone calls started to lead to new patients, with as much as 601 new patients booked in a single week. - The Scheduling Institute Members Login - The Scheduling Institute Youtube Channel
Jay Geier spoke at conferences while establishing the Scheduling Institute’s first product: a self-study kit, termed the New Patient Generation System, which taught doctors how to control their most valuable asset - their staff members. The self-study kit was initially introduced in The late nineties. Although the system was working and health professionals were increasing their new patients, Jay could see that the self-study kit by itself didn’t offer adequate accountability for a lot of health professionals. In 2005 the Scheduling Institute implemented its first membership program, which integrated telephone accountability for doctors and their workforce.
In 2006, one doctor realized that he wasn't going to take the time to apply the self-study kit on his own, so he asked Geier to visit his practice to implement the kit and teach his organization in person. Right after getting back from the training, Geier could tell that having in-office classes was extremely effective for a practice’s growth and engagement, but knew that he wasn't willing to personally travel nationwide to train practices. As an alternative, he personally picked out and properly trained Scheduling Institute’s “Certified Training Specialists”, and started offering in-office trainings - coined “On-Site Trainings” - to clients.
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